Windshields for yachts and boats


In the Dream windshield, acrylic blends harmoniously with glass, giving life to a refined and customizable model, enriched by an LED strip that illuminates the surroundings. Specifically designed profiles have been engineered on the top of the structure for the integration of the canopy, ensuring perfect aesthetic and functional integration.

  • Type of material upper profile: Aluminium profile (painted)
  • Type of material lower profile: Aluminium profile (painted)
  • Type of material Pillar: Aluminium profile (painted)
  • Type of material screen: Acrilic / Glass
  • Type of color (finish): Painted – Polished
  • Certifications: ISO 12216 Certificated
  • Options: Led RGB
  • Type of fixing: External screwing with gasket – Bonding
  • Packaging: Iron Structure
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